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where to get games
how to access download page
how to download the i-appli
difference between midlets and i-Appli
compatible phones
where to get games
Java applications, so called i-Applis, can be downloaded under iAppli at the home page.
Just click on the link and you will get to the download page where you can download the applications to your i-Appli capable mobile phone.
how to access download
You have any problems entering the download page? The you have obviously tried to enter by PC and not by mobile phone browser.
The download area is restricted only to mobile phone browser.
If you want to download iApplis, just enter the download page by mobile phone browser instead of PC web browser.
If still some problems occures, feel free to mail me.
how to download games
Games and other applications, so called i-Applis, can be downloaded on the download page like it is described above.
Just click on the download link to receive your download. Once downloaded you can use your iAppli without any connection and as often as you would like to use it.
Note, some i-Applis need some extra download after first start.
midlet <> i-Appli
Midlets are not iApplis.
Both applications were built with java, but they differ a little bit.
They are different subsets of java especially developed for creating mobile application such as games and other useful applications.
That is why only iAppli capable phones can download and use iApplis.
compatible phones
Following i-mode phones are capable of downloading and using i-Applis.
All i-mode handsets in Europe which are belonging to 341i,400i or above are capable of i-Appli.
Also all japanese i-mode and FOMA mobile terminals are capable of i-Appli.